Baloch activists protest outside Chinese Embassy in London

Baloch residents from Leipzig, Germany had earlier drawn attention of the international fraternity towards the atrocities of Pakistan in Balochistan by the means of several protests. Barely a few hours after this, Baloch activists in London carried out similar protests in front of the Chinese embassy there. Several protestors even demanded separation of ‘Sindu Desh’ from Pakistan.


Baloch leaders raised slogans against ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ project, which is currently in progress.Some protestors also displayed photographs of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photographs and raised slogans in India’s favor. The protesters urged Prime Minister Modi to raise the Balochistan issue in the international Platform in future as well.

BalochistanThe protesters warned that China and Pakistan cannot do anything in Balochistan without the consent of local people. Baloch activist Noordin Mengal said that they would not accept ‘CPEC’ project under any condition.

It is noteworthy that some of protesters demanded for a separate ‘Sindhu Desh’. For the past few years, several analysts have said that there has been an increasing discontent in the Sindh province and that Sindh is getting prepared for separation from Pakistan.Over and above this, Karachi, the main city of Sindh province has seen a rising violence rate owing to which paramilitary forces had to deployed there.

Simultaneous protests carried out in Balochistan and Sindh has raised questions on very existence of Pakistan.

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