India and US deliver a message to China, conduct exercise in Andaman-Nicobar

New Delhi: – US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, which has entered the Indian ocean, participated in war exercises with the Indian Navy. As per analysts, the participation of USS Nimitz in the India-US joint war exercises is a huge strategic message to China. USS Nimitz entered the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca on Saturday. Whereas, the ‘Passex’ India-US war exercises started on Monday.  


India has adopted a very aggressive stand regarding China since the Galwan Valley conflict. Indian Army and Airforce have increased their deployment significantly, along the Chinese border. At the same time, the Indian Navy has increased its deployment in the Indian Ocean. As per received reports, Indian Navy has increased its deployment in the Malacca Strait and Andaman-Nicobar sector. Most of the Chinese freight movement and oil imports are through the strait of Malacca. Therefore, if this passage is closed in a war scenario, China will be cornered economically. In this situation, the movements of the Indian Navy are a cause for concern for China.  

Only last month, the Indian Navy held war exercises near the Andaman-Nicobar Islands. Thereafter, India and the United States are holding joint war exercises in the same region. Reports have been received that India has finalised Australian entry, into the Malabar war exercises. This goes to indicate that the cooperation among the QUAD nations is going from strength to strength.   

The scholars studying China, have expressed an opinion that India should open the Andaman-Nicobar base for its allies and should collaborate more with its allies, the United States, Japan and Australia to stop the loitering of the Chinese submarines, in the Indian Ocean sector. Some of the analysts believe that India and the United States should draw out a more comprehensive plan to stop China in the Indian Ocean. Some of the analysts also claimed that following the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean is becoming the centre of global activity.  

The Indian Andaman-Nicobar sector lies just at the opening of the strait of Malacca. China has always resented the Indian domination in this region. Therefore, since the last few years, China is making consistent efforts to increase its influence in this sector. This increases the significance of the India-US joint exercises in this sector. USS Nimitz was deployed in the South China Sea since the last few days. It sailed from that sector to the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca. Thereafter, it went on to participate in the war exercises with the Indian Navy, in the Andaman-Nicobar sector. It is being claimed that this has a strategic message for China.  

Indian Navy started its war exercises in this sector, just two days ago. The warships deployed in the Strait of Malacca also joined the exercises. This sector has the only Indian Theatre Command, having all the three defence forces under it. This underlines the strategic importance of the sector. India-US Joint war exercises, with participation by USS Nimitz, in this very region, underlines that the relations between the two countries have become more comprehensive. As per analysts, this is also a stern message for China.  

Following the Ladakh conflict, the United States has indicated in various ways that it is standing firm behind India. At the same time, The United States also delivered a message that it would stand behind every country, having a border dispute with China. Only two days ago, India had asserted that the South China Sea does not belong to anyone country. This clarifies that India has made its policy regarding the Indo-Pacific region, more comprehensive. 

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