China passes separate anti-terror law for Xinjiang aimed at Uyghurs

China passes separate anti-terror law for Xinjiang aimed at Uyghurs

Beijing: Chinese government, after imposing religious sanctions as well as compulsion for ‘DNA’ and ‘voice samples’ on the Uyghur tribe of Xinjiang province, now has passed a new law against them. Based on the anti-terrorism law passed in China last year, an independent law has now been approved for the Xinjiang region. According to the provisions included in this law; custody for leaders of extremist groups, recruiting members for terrorists groups and using internet or other medium to propagate terrorism will be considered as an act of terrorism.

The new law has been implemented from 1st August. The new anti-terror law includes almost 61 provisions under 10 different sections. As per this law, religious extremism is considered to be the base of terrorism and stern action has been indicated against it.

“Few days ago, a meeting of four nations viz. China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan concluded in the Chinese city of Urumqi city of China.” During this meeting all the four nations signed on the anti-terrorism law. Additionally, all the nations expressed their willingness to jointly confront extremism and terrorism.

The enactment of the new law by China for Xinjiang province has surely grabbed widespread attention. Considering the security related provisions and anti-terrorism law imposed earlier wherein; China took large-scale action against the Uyghurs of Xinjiang province, some related groups criticized this act to be a part of additional harassment of the Uyghur community.

The Uyghur community mainly are followers of the Islamic religion, and in the past few years the ruling communist reign has been consistently targeting them. This community has been blamed for terrorist attacks in the past few years. After these attacks, several actions against Uyghurs were taken such as arresting them, deployment of security systems on a large scale, imposing different types of sanctions etc. Despite consistently executing these campaigns, China has yet not succeeded in gaining control over this region.

In the month of June new rules were imposed in the region. These rules were part of the campaign to put religious sanctions on the Uyghur community as claimed by the local and international Uyghur leaders. During this period sources claimed that there was an increase in the deployment of security systems and vigilance outside the worship places of Uyghur community.

Similar to these rules, the new law is believed to be a part of the campaign to target the Uyghur community.

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