Chinese mouthpiece warns India  

Beijing: If there is a conflict between China and India, there will be instability in the entire South Asian region, along with the Himalayan sector, and India will suffer major losses because of this. Along with this statement, the Global Times advised that it is in Indian interest to cooperate with China. At the same time, the Chinese mouthpiece claimed that the Indian military started the border dispute in Ladakh. Even in the past, the Global Times has, time and again, published articles against India. China keeps issuing threats and warnings through this medium.  


Although the article in Global Times has not issued a direct threat to India, it is trying to deliver a message that India cannot defeat a powerful country like China. The editorial warns that India should not take enmity with China under the influence of the United States. The Indian media also has been criticised in this article. The Global Times article says that the Indian press carries wrong ideas about the strength of the country. The Global Times article accused that the Indian and Chinese military is involved in a standoff at Ladakh and the United States is trying to extract benefits from it. The United States is indicating that it will stand with India if there is a conflict with China. But the selfish US policy is to start a dispute between two countries and extract maximum benefits from the conflict. India should understand that the United States is doing the same thing even now. The Global Times warned that therefore, India should not believe the United States, to avoid disillusionment. Some people from India feel that they will supersede China in the border dispute. Thus, these people have pressurised the Indian government to take an aggressive stand against China. These people feel confident that an aggressive stand will make China backout. But this is their misconception. The Global Times is trying to scare India with the Chinese military might, saying that China wants peace and cooperation with India, but China will not let go of even an inch of its land.  

Although the Global Times is referring to the Chinese might in this way, China seems to be under unprecedented pressure. Whenever a border dispute rakes up, China always reminds India of the defeat in the 1962 war, in different ways. This time, China has not done that. The Chinese Ambassador in India had appealed to resolve the border dispute through negotiations. But while doing that, the Global Times is being used to deliver a message that China is not afraid of India. 

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