Chinese military movements increase near Doklam

New Delhi: Chinese military movements have once again started in the Doklam region, near the India-Bhutan border. The Chinese military is developing highways and helipad in this border area. It was reported that since the last three weeks, China has deployed its military in the Sindh province of Pakistan, at a distance of a mere 90 kilometres from the Indian border. Whereas, China incited India, by blocking the action against Masoor Azhar in the Security Council and challenged India on the political front too. All these developments indicate the beginning of a new chapter in the Indo-Chinese conflict.


chinese military, doklam, india, chinaIn 2017, Indian and Chinese Armies faced off, in the Doklam region, from 16th to 27th June. China had initiated road building in the Doklam region. But the Indian army stopped this Chinese work. Therefore, a situation was pointing to a possible conflict between the two countries. China was reminding India of the 1962 war. The Chinese leaders were warning that India will have to face a more humiliating defeat than the 1962 war. But India, without paying heed to the Chinese threats, had increased deployment in the region. Therefore, China had to withdraw, from the region helplessly. China received a jolt at the international level and the Indian dignity increased further.

Thereafter, the analysts kept on warning that China will make one more Doklam, to avenge the insult, at one time or the other. The indications that China had started moves to realise the warning, were being received for a long time. Currently, the Chinese military is building roads in its Yatong and Tona regions near Doklam, and they are even building a helipad there. A parking lot for the vehicles and a warehouse also is being built. It is clear that the Chinese preparations are intending to challenge India. Nearly, 100 Chinese military vehicles and military tents are ready at a distance of two kilometres from Doklam.

Indian military also is monitoring the Chinese military movements very closely, after Doklam. Since a few days, reports are being received that China has deployed its soldiers in the Sindh province of Pakistan, just 90 kilometres from the Indian border. China clarified that this deployment of soldiers is for the security of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

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