China performs naval surveillance near the Andaman-Nicobar Islands

Chennai: The Chinese Navy is carrying out surveillance near the Indian Andaman-Nicobar Islands. The Chinese maritime surveillance once again brings up the issue of China, keeping a watch on the Indian naval bases. The efforts initiated by the United States, Japan and Australia to stop the Chinese bullying in the Indo-Pacific region, are being supported by India and the cooperation is known as ‘Quad’. Given the developments, China seems to be trying to increase military pressure on India.


Dongdiao, a reconnaissance ship from the Chinese PLAN, is sailing in the area near the Andaman-Nicobar Islands for the last few days. The Indian ‘Exclusive Economic Zone’ lies quite close to the region. Dongdiao has been sailing in the area for the previous two weeks and is believed to be one of China’s advanced surveillance ships. The movement of the vessel near the Indian waters are ringing warning bells. India has taken a serious note of China’s activities, and the Indian agencies are investigating as to the type and extent of information the ship is gathering from the region.

Even in the past, Chinese warships were trying to add pressure on India using Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Bangladesh and Pakistan. China used the anti-India powers in these countries for the purpose.

The Chinese activities against India suffered a significant setback when democratic forces overthrew the pro-Chinese governments in the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Even so, China is conspiring to use its naval strength against India. Albeit, India is fully aware of it and has started forceful preparations to counter the Chinese tactics.

The Indian naval base in Andaman-Nicobar has been modernised, and information of all the ships passing through this sector is available with the Indian naval base. Moreover, the ties with the smaller countries in the Indian Ocean have been further strengthened, thereby restricting the Chinese activities to a great extent.

Despite this, China is resorting to various tactics to maintain its dominance in the Indian Ocean region. The state has become more restless since the time India joined the ‘Quad’.

The Chinese PLA Navy would have ten aircraft carriers in the near future. The Naval chief had recently said that to counter the increasing Chinese naval might, India needs to have a minimum of three aircraft carriers in the navy.

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