China accelerates railway project near Arunachal Pradesh 

Beijing: – Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued instructions to expedite the work of the railway project passing near the Arunachal border, connecting to Linzhi in Tibet. President Jinping claimed that this USD 47.8 billion railway project would play an essential role for the stability in the border regions. China has built five airports in the Tibet region, and Linzhi is one of them. The Chinese communist regime is once again inciting India by constructing a railway line up to Linzhi in Tibet, near the Arunachal Pradesh border.   


President Jinping justified this project, saying that this will be an essential part of the general plan of the Chinese communist regime for ruling Tibet. At the same time, the Chinese President claimed that this project would also play an essential part in protecting national integrity, ethnic unity and stability in the border regions. The Chinese mouthpiece said that this railway project would promote the development of the Sichuan-Tibet region, and the project is critical from the border security point of view.   

The India-China border dispute includes the 3,488-kilometre-long Line of Actual Control. This consists of the border in Arunachal Pradesh, and China claims that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of south Tibet. Indian has consistently dismissed the Chinese claim. At the same time, India too has given priority to infrastructure development works in the Arunachal border region. Whereas, China has given clear indications of increased military movements, with the building of this railway project.   

The tension on the LAC in Ladakh continues, and the heads of state of both the countries will be coming face to face in at least four international meets in this month. Against this background, Jinping has apparently issued instructions to expedite the railway project near the Arunachal border in an attempt to incite India. 

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