British Defence Minister conspiring to overthrow the Theresa May government, claims by a British daily

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London: The British media has claimed that British Defence Minister Gavin Williamson is conspiring to overthrow the Theresa May government in the United Kingdom and establish himself as the next Prime Ministerial candidate. This revelation gains significance when there is a distinct possibility that Theresa May will have to step down after the Brexit vote coming up next month. While the information about the Defence Minister’s conspiracy is being revealed, the expose that the British intelligence agencies have identified 30 parliamentarians with Russian and Chinese links has created a sensation.


Although, Prime minister Theresa May has successfully survived the attacks on her leadership in the last two months, the Brexit vote coming up in the next month will be the acid test. The opposition to draftof the Brexit agreement prepared under the leadership of Theresa May is consistently rising and at least 100 members of the ruling party have openly opposed the Prime Minister. Therefore, it is being predicted that the Prime Minister may have to face defeat in the parliamentary vote coming up next month.

In view of the possibility of the Theresa May defeat many leaders in the ruling party have started preparations to get the coveted post of the Prime Minister. These include former foreign Minister Boris Johnson, former Minister for Brexit department Dominic Rab, current foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and Home Minister Sajid Javid. While the names of these leaders were being discussed the revelations by the media has suddenly added the name of Defence Minister Williamson to the list.

Gavin Williamson who was the Chief Whip of the ruling party, was appointed last yearas the Defence Minister. He had played a major role in the negotiations with the DU party before May became the Prime Minister. At the same time, he is said to have pressurised Prime Minister May to allocate the necessary funds for the British defence forces.

Last week, Williamson was present at a restaurant in London with two of his acquaintances. At this time, he claimed that he can easily thwart the challenges of the other contenders for the post of the Prime Minister. He claimed that he had the support of the backbenchers in the ruling party and the DU party. Two of the leading British dailies have claimed that these statements were conveyed to the senior leaders of the ruling party by a person who was present in the restaurant at that time.

Williamson and his close associates have dismissed the claims and have said that it is a fabricated story. Williamson’s colleagues said that he is interested in working only as the Defence Minister. But the ruling party has apparently taken a serious note of the development.

While the conspiracy by the Defence Minister is being revealed another report of the British intelligence agencies has surfaced. The intelligence agency MI5 has prepared a list of British parliamentarians connected with China and Russia. The intelligence agency has said that there are nearly 30 members of parliament in the list and warned that their influence in the parliament can be detrimental to the national security.

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