Australian Military Forces on “alert”, after “Mission Pacific” by Russian bombers

Washington: “Mission Pacific” carried out at the air and marine borders of Australia by the Russian high-tech nuclear warheads “TU-95” bombers have created uproar. It is learnt that this mission has prompted Australia to put its defence forces on an “alert”. Russian defence forces have claimed that these air-operations were part of its regular exercises.


Mission-PacificTwo high-tech bombers called “TU-95 MS” capable of nuclear attack landed in Indonesia from the Amur region of Russia. These bombers were deployed at the “Biak Airbase” in Eastern Papua in Indonesia for some time. More than 100 Russian officers, soldiers and technicians also accompanied the bombers at the airbase. An Australian newspaper claimed that “Fuel Tanker Aircrafts” and other airplanes from the Russian air force were also present at the airbase, besides the “TU-95 MS”.

The Russian bombers operations over the South Pacific Ocean Region lasted for several hours. The Russian Defence Force has clarified that the entire operation took place within international air and marine areas. It has come to the fore that the bombers hovered over the South Pacific region for eight hours. The Australian media and analysts have claimed that this was the first time that such operations were carried out by the Russian bombers in the South Pacific region.

The hovering of Russian bombers in the South Pacific region is part of Russia’s attempt to expand its circle of influence in the global arena. They tried to create awareness about Russia’s presence in this region. A senior defence analyst in Australia, Peter Jennings, stated that the bombers’ mission gives clear indications that Russia is an important element in the security of Pacific region, and it will use its military force as such to reinforce this fact. It is understood that this mission has prompted Australia to put its military bases on an “alert”. Sources reveal that instructions for extra preparedness were given to the important Australian airbases of “Darwin” and “Tindal”. American army has been deployed at both these airbases.

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