Australian demand for inquiry into Coronavirus is betrayal, accuses senior Chinese official in Australia

Canberra: – While the United States is trying to put the entire blame for the Coronavirus pandemic on China, senior Chinese official Wang Shining made a sensational accusation that the Australia demand to conduct an Inquiry into the Coronavirus pandemic is an act of betrayal. Shining is the deputy chief of the Chinese embassy, in Australia and he used the famous statement of Julius Caesar ‘Brutus You Too’ while targeting Australia. At the same time, he claimed that the United States is trying to create a divide between China and Australia.  


China-and-Australia In April, Australia had adopted an aggressive stand on the Coronavirus pandemic. Australia demanded an inquiry by the World Health Organisation (WHO), into the origin and other issues regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. Australia also took an initiative to bring the resolution in the WHO. China had reacted sharply to the Australian activities. China had threatened that if Australia brought this resolution in the WHO, it will have to suffer a major economic blow. But Australia remained firm on its stand, without paying any heed to China. Infuriated China, directly announced imposition of 80% tax on Australian products imported in China. China followed this up by instructing Chinese tourists and students to avoid Australia.   

Australia has maintained its stand, despite repeated warning and threat by China. Australia has now, adopted an aggressive stand on the issues like Hongkong, Taiwan and the South China Sea, along with Coronavirus pandemic. Only last month, Australia took an open stand that Australia dismisses all the Chinese claims regarding various regions of the South China Sea. At the same time, the announcement was also made that all the people of Hongkong, leaving the city given the new Chinese law are welcome to Australia.   

The tension between China and Australia, who are major trading partners, was slowly surfacing since the last few years. The tensions rising over the Chinese interference in the internal politics in Australia and cyberattacks was fuelled further by the Coronavirus pandemic, this year. The tension between the two countries seems to have aggravated further. The sun seems to have set on the possibility of the relationship returning to normal, following the aggressive stand adopted by Australia over the South China Sea issue. Against this background, the claims made by the deputy chief of the Chinese embassy in Australia become significant.  

Chinese official Shining, making an allegation of betrayal against Australia, avoided talking about the origin of Coronavirus or the findings emerging from the inquiry. At the same time, he accused that while the Chinese officials and citizens, residing in Australia, are trying to improve the relations between the two countries, other factions are making efforts to spoil the relations. 

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