Ex-military officials, analysts believe Russia’s commercial ships could be targeted if it attacked Europe

Washington/Moscow: Former US military officials and analysts have claimed that if Russia attacked the European countries, the United States could turn the tables on Russia by targeting its freight carrier ships all around the globe. The military movements of Russia and the European countries have increased in the Arctic region, and indications of a new tension are being received. Russian Foreign Minister also has levelled allegations against NATO and has said that NATO is resisting Russia on all the fronts, just like the cold war era.   


norwy-russia Former US Navy official and analyst Bradford Dixon claimed that Russia has the second-largest fleet of freight carriers on the international level after China. These include large freight ships, along with oil tankers. These freight carriers play an essential role in generating cash revenues in the Russian economy. But the Russian navy does not have the capacity to provide complete security to its entire freight carrier fleet. Keeping this limitation in mind, the United States and the European countries can stop these freight carriers in the marine regions. Dixon pointed out that this stoppage can turn the tables onto Russia in a war situation.   

Since the last few days, Russian and NATO movements in the Arctic region are on the rise, and against this background, the claim made by the US analyst becomes significant. Russia has initiated deployment of an advanced radar system near Norway, and war exercises are being conducted in the Arctic and near Belarus border. All the three wings of the Russian defence forces are participating in the practices, and ‘live-fire’ exercises also are said to be included. Sources informed that Russia is also carrying out missile tests. The United States and the NATO member countries have started moves to counter this Russian aggression.   

NATO member countries, including the United States and Germany, have started air surveillance to keep a watch on the Russian activities. As per received information, aircraft of Germany, Sweden, Norway, along with the United States, have patrolled the areas near the site of the Russian war exercises. Russia has confirmed this and claimed that the Russian fighter jets forced the foreign aircraft to retreat. Sweden has started war exercises at the Gotland defence base, and former Swedish Military Chief Jan Thörnqvist said that these exercises are for delivering a message to Russia.  

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has alleged that NATO is initiating conflicts against Russia on all the front, similar to the cold war times. He also claimed that the only reason for NATO’s existence is conflicts against Russia. The Russian Foreign Minister also criticised that under the pretext of security from Russia, NATO has increased its deployment in the European continent, and this is promoting instability in Europe.  

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