Relations between the UK and China will not normalise even after the end of Coronavirus crisis, stern warning by the British Foreign Minister  

London: – British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab made China aware of the stark reality in piercing words ‘The relations between the United Kingdom and China will not normalise in the future, even after the Coronavirus crisis has ended. US President Donald Trump is accusing that China is responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic and it is now clear that the United Kingdom also is singing a similar tune. Moreover, British Foreign Minister Raab has said a detailed investigation is necessary to find out where the Coronavirus originated from and expressed his suspicion that this could be a part of Chinese biological warfare.  


The United States is inquiring whether the Coronavirus originated from the laboratory in the city of Wuhan, in China and as per the British media, even the United Kingdom is conducting an independent investigation. British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab issued this stern warning to China, against this background. Raab presented the aggressive stand of the United Kingdom in clear words, saying that the UK-China relations will not normalise in the future, even after the end of Coronavirus crisis.  

More than 15,000 lives have been lost in the United Kingdom, in the Coronavirus pandemic and there are more than 108,000 cases in the country. Economists have warned that this has rocked the British economy and it will take many years for it to turn around. The United Kingdom along with the United States and other European countries have suffered immense losses, even bigger than ones caused by war. Analysts believe that the United States and the United Kingdom will not rest unless they make China pay the price for the losses. The warning issued by British Foreign Minister Raab indicates the same thing.  

Along with the warning, the British Foreign Minister has said that it is a detailed investigation on whether the source of Coronavirus is the laboratory in Wuhan is necessary. The demand of the British Foreign Minister is giving a message that the explanations provided by China, in this respect, are not acceptable. Foreign Minister Raab has also delivered a clear message to China that they will not believe any claims made by China, in the future. A political war has been sparked between the western countries and China and British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has blown the trumpet of the war.  

The United States also delivered a stern message to China and Japan, Australia and Taiwan had endorsed the accusations made by the United States. Therefore, it is apparent that China will have to face a strong political front, formed by powerful countries in the world. The analysts have already passed a verdict that these countries will not stop short of getting concessions from China to recover the immense losses incurred by these countries due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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