Attacks on US Cyber security biggest threat in 2018, warns US Intelligence agencies

Washington: The US cyber security is under threat and it is being continuously attacked and these cyber-attacks is the biggest danger in 2018 warned the US Intelligence agency Chiefs. There was a special hearing of the heads of the six major intelligence agencies in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In this hearing the heads of the Intelligence agencies prominently mentioned the cyber-attacks and said that Russia, China and Iran are the main countries carrying out these attacks.


us, russia, elections, cyber security, cyber attacks,There are parliamentary elections in the US this year and 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 seats of the Senate will be on the ballot. Against the background of the allegations of Russian interference in the Presidential elections, there are widespread discussions about the Russian interference in these elections too. The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson had, only last week, warned that there will be repercussions if Russia tried to interfere in these elections.

The warning by the Intelligence agencies Chiefs becomes important against this backdrop. ‘There are continuous cyber-attacks on the United States and many groups are trying to target the United States on every issue. This includes everything from US businesses up to the undertakings of the local administrations. The election is being used as a tool to divide the United States and defeating its values,’ warned Daniel Coats, Director of the ‘National Intelligence’.

The CIA Chief also confirmed about the warning mentioned by Coats. The CIA Chief drew the attention to North Korea along with Russia. The ‘NSA’ and ‘FBI’ Chiefs were also present.

The Russian interference in the US elections has become an important issue in the US internal politics. There are allegations that Russia had interfered in the Presidential elections in 2016 for the Trump victory against Hillary Clinton. There allegations are being investigated and President Trump is claimed to be interfering in the investigations. Though the US President has dismissed these accusations.

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