Contradictory signal by the US administration over restrictions on Russia

Washington / Moscow : Although the US Congress has approved the sanctions on Russia, it is seen that President Trump and his close confidants have expressed their displeasure on this decision. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a public statement clarifying that neither the President nor he was very happy about the sanctions imposed on Russia. On the other hand, US Vice President Mike Pence has claimed that on the issue of sanctions on Russia, the members of Congress and President Trump are speaking with unified voice. Contradictory statements of senior leaders of the US administration has revealed the differences on issue of sanctions on Russia.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has expressed his anguish and said, “Currently the US and Russia relations are extremely tensed. Last week the US congress approving the sanctions on Russia would further escalate the tensions. Due to this action, possibility of cooperation between these two countries has reduced. Neither the President nor I were very happy about the sanctions approved.” Tillerson further claimed that the US citizens wants good relations with two nuclear armed countries.

Tillerson said, “President Trump has accepted US Congress decision on the sanctions and would very soon sign the bill.” While Mr. Tillerson expressed his anguish, US Vice President, Mike Pence however took an aggressive stance on the issue. Presently Pence is on a tour to East European countries. While on the tour, Pence has assured that the US Congress decision of sanctions does send a strong message to Russia. 

Pence said “President Trump & US Parliament have together given an explicit message to Russia. If Russia wishes to have sanctions lifted and to have a good bilateral relation, then it must restrain and refrain from the causes that lead to the sanctions. Sanctions approved by the US congress is a US commitment towards sovereignty of Eastern Europe and its freedom.” Pence also assured of President Trump signing the bill shortly.

Contradictory statements of US Secretary of State Tillerson and US Vice President Mike Pence reveal the differences within the US administration. As the US Congress approved the bill to impose sanctions on Russia, there are certain provisions drafted in the bill which would make it difficult for US President to not sign the bill. Due to this President Trump and his confidants are feeling annoyed.

However, it seems that President Trump to project a tough and aggressive stand against Russia, would eventually have to sign the bill imposing sanctions on Russia. US Secretary of State Tillerson’s statement on this subject also seems to support the claim.

Also, a group of members in the US Congress known to be against Russia have become very aggressive as they disapprove President Trump’s policy towards Russia. This group has been continuously pressurizing President Trump and the recent bill passed by the US Congress approving the sanctions on Russia seems to be a success of their efforts.

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