US plane intercepted by Chinese Airforce planes

Beijing/Washington : The tensions between the US and China have increased once again in the East China Seas. While flying through the East China Sea, An American aircraft was intercepted by two Chinese air force planes. The US was not happy and objected this act by stating that the two Chinese air force planes came within 150 feet of the US plane.

While speaking to a New Agency, the US Airforce Commander advised that the WC 135 Constant Phoenix took off on Wednesday from an American Air Base. While crossing the East China Sea, two Chinese air force aircrafts followed them. The Commander also blamed the Chinese, that the Chinese Sukhoi – SU 30 aircraft intercepted & caused problems to the US aircraft.

The pilot and the commander of the constant Phoenix American aircraft have provided more information on this. They have blamed the Chinese by stating that the two Chinese aircrafts intercepted the US aircraft within 150 feet without any concern or responsibility.

Due to the irresponsible flying of the Chinese aircraft the American Government has made an official complaint to the Chinese Government and they have asked for more clarification. The Chinese Government has not yet responded to the allegations which America has made against them. 

Prior to this event, the Chinese air force had flown their aircraft close to US aircraft in a very dangerous manner. A Chinese aircraft, KJ 200 plane had flown approximately 1000 feet close to an American P–3 Orion aircraft. This was classed as unsafe and dangerous.

This unsafe flying event was objected by the US Pacific Command. Apart from this, the US aircraft and a Chinese air force aircraft came face to face in the South China Sea.

Two years ago, China had declared that the South China Sea is a restricted airspace. China had advised countries like the US, Japan and others that the area in the South China Sea was a restricted area with no direct passage.

American WC 135 Constant Phoenix aircraft is used for surveillance, this aircraft monitors for the elements that a nuclear test would emit into the air. This aircraft is based at the Air Force Base in Nebraska. 

North Korea is preparing to carry out its 6th Nuclear Test. This test will be the biggest nuclear test which will be carried out by North Korea; this is based on air force reports.

On the basis of this, the Constant Phoenix aircraft would have flown over or near the North Korean area. But due to the Chinese aircrafts flying too close to the US aircraft, this has increased tensions in this part of the world.

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