Extensive war exercises by Taiwan to counter Chinese threat

Jiadong: – Taiwanese defence forces have conducted large-scale military exercises. Taiwan began the exercises by landing surveillance aircraft equipped with radar systems and fighter jets on the highway and live to fire by tanks and artillery. Taiwan declared it an anti-invasion exercise. At the same time, the government of Taiwanese President Tsai has decided to increase the country’s defence spending to a whopping $9 billion. While China is threatening to take over Taiwan at any moment, Taiwan seems to have demonstrated its readiness.  


Highways should be used if the enemy destroys Taiwanese airports and runways soon. For this, five emergency highway runways have been set up in Taiwan. Taiwan has also organized a four-day exercise to respond to enemy attacks in the shortest possible time. Taiwanese Air Force F-16V, Mirage 2000, and indigenously built Ching-Kuo fighter jets and AWAC-equipped E-2K aircraft the exercises named Han Kuang, which began on Wednesday. The exercises began in the presence of President Tsai Ing-wen.  

As the exercises continue in various parts of Taiwan, President Tsai’s government has announced a multibillion-dollar increase in the country’s defence spending. Taiwan‘s defence spending has reached 8.69 billion, of which $1 billion will be spent on the security of the airbases and the purchase of new missiles. In addition, Taiwan will purchase new warships and upgrade its air defence system.  

Meanwhile, Chinese military analysts are claiming that China will take over Taiwan by 2025 on its military might. China had planned this a decade ago. For the past few months, Chinese military officials have been issuing similar warnings. Against this backdrop, the importance of Taiwan’s war readiness has increased further. 

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