Afghanistan bans use of Pakistani Rupee in Kandahar

Afghanistan bans use of Pakistani Rupee in Kandahar

Kandahar : The use of the Pakistani currency in everyday business transactions will henceforth be considered a serious crime in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan. General Abdul Raziq, the police chief of Kandahar also regarded as a powerful leader made the announcement. It is believed that this ban to be executed in the Kandahar province could affect Pakistan’s trade in Afghanistan.


Until now the ‘Pakistani Rupee (PKR)’ was extensively used in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province that shares its border with the province of Balochistan in Pakistan. As far as business transactions were concerned, the ‘PKR’ was in fact a more commonly used currency than the ‘Afghani’ (the currency of Afghanistan). Exchanging PKR for the Dollar was in itself a business of sorts for shopkeepers  on the streets of Kandahar. However the Police Chief of Kandahar Gen. Raziq has not only declared a ban on the PKR but also declared the use of Pakistani currency, a crime.

Afghanistan bans use of Pakistani Rupee in Kandahar

Although it was last week that Gen. Raziq declared the ban,  the punishment to be meted to those indulging in the use of the PKR has not been decided as yet, although, is expected to be determined shortly. “I am not against business of any kind whatsoever but  all the transactions in Afghanistan  be run in the Pakistani Rupee, is what I will not accept”, rebuked Gen. Raziq in no uncertain terms. The ban in Kandahar is to be imposed not only on the Pakistani Rupee but also on the Iranian currency.

The decision to impose the ban in Kandahar will, in all probability, impact the trade from across the borders of Pakistan. The traders and the locals have in any case, welcomed this decision.”For years the people of Afghanistan have been confused about whether to use the ‘Afghani’ or use Pakistani Rupee. They were not sure which currency they ought to use. But now the issue has been resolved” remarked a businessman claiming also that this would lend a further boost to the Afghani against the dollar.

The Government and the business class of Afghanistan have evidently made a note of  this decision of the Kandahar province. The ‘Afghan Chamber of Commerce’, supporting this decision, has called for its nation-wide implementation resulting thus in the possibility of the PKR falling out of use.  

Known to be a staunchly anti Pakistan General Raziq had in the past, issued a warning that those sending terrorists to Afghanistan would be taught a lesson. It is to be noted that insurgent groups in the Balochistan province of Pakistan are alleged to be in touch with Gen. Raziq. In the interim, Raziq is known to have survived 14 suicide attacks that were intended attempts on his life.


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