Afghan military Chief to visit India

New Delhi: – As the Afghan army is fighting with the Taliban, news of the Afghan army chief’s visit to India caught the attention of observers worldwide. On July 27, Afghan Army Chief General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai will arrive in India for a three-day visit. Afghanistan has demanded military assistance from India in its fight against the Taliban. Some analysts claim that India, which has vowed to stand firmly behind Afghanistan under any circumstances, has accepted the demand.  


During his visit, General Ahmadzai will hold in-depth discussions with Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Mukund Naravane. As the war with the Taliban continues, the Afghan army needs weapons and defence equipment. Earlier, India had supplied military helicopters and other equipment to Afghanistan. This planned visit by General Ahmadzai indicates that India will continue to supply arms and defence equipment to Afghanistan.  

It was claimed that the US withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, leaving the country to its destiny. Soon, the country will be in the hands of the Taliban. The picture was that no one could stop the Taliban from taking over the country after the Taliban’s great victory against the Afghan army. But now that the Afghan army has started resisting, there are reports that the Afghan army is killing hundreds of Taliban militants through airstrikes. President Ashraf Ghani had expressed confidence that the Afghan army is capable of defeating the Taliban. He said, ‘Even if the Taliban wins the war, the Afghan army will win the final battle.’ This reassured the Afghan people and the world.  

Against that backdrop, Afghanistan expects large-scale military and economic cooperation from neighbouring countries like India. Pakistan has put its strength behind the Taliban and has infiltrated tens of thousands of militants in Afghanistan to help the Taliban. Pakistan also threatened to launch airstrikes if the Afghan army tried to seize the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. If Afghanistan falls to the Taliban, it will become a hotbed of terrorism and that is what Pakistan desires. In such a situation, Afghan leaders say India must assist Afghanistan.  

Meanwhile, there are reports that India has also assured Afghanistan of military assistance. The Taliban had demanded that India remain neutral in the war in Afghanistan and not assist the government in Kabul. But after it became clear that the Taliban would remain under Pakistan’s control, military analysts claimed that India has decided to help Afghanistan more openly. As per military analysts, the consequences of the Indian decision will soon be felt in Afghanistan.  

India has invested about $3 billion in Afghanistan. The Pakistani minister said that the investment was threatened due to the Taliban and had expressed satisfaction over it. However, reports of Indian support for the Afghan army added to Pakistan’s concerns. Pakistani observers fear that the Taliban could be challenged by the India-backed stronger Afghan army in the future, which could exert major pressure on Pakistan. 

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