Sixty percent Canadians unhappy with Corona vaccination drive

Ottawa: – People in developed country like Canada, are extremely dissatisfied with the Coronavirus vaccination campaign. This was revealed in a survey conducted by a leading institution in the country. A few days ago, reports had been received that protests had started over the issue of Coronavirus vaccination.   


Agnus Red Institute conducted an extensive survey on the issue of Coronavirus vaccination. Many startling facts have surfaced through the survey. 59% of the Canadian population feels that the Trudeau government has failed in Coronavirus vaccination. Most of the citizens opined that the government did not take necessary and timely steps, despite being aware that the vaccine was coming.   

57% of the citizens claimed that the government does not have a proper provision, to administer the vaccine to the 37.5 million citizens, in the country. The report notes that only 35% of the people in the Manitoba province of Canada feel confident that they will receive the vaccine. A country like the United Kingdom has succeeded in vaccinating 20% of its citizens and the United States has reached 13%. But it has been exposed that only 3% of the Canadian population has received the vaccine so far. There have been 823,000 cases of Coronavirus with 21,000 deaths in Canada. Canada had started moves to acquire the vaccine initiating talks with companies, who had succeeded in developing the vaccine. Nearly two months ago, Canada had started the vaccination campaign. But only 1.18 million doses have been administered until today, and the campaign progresses at a snail’s pace.   

The main reasons behind this slow pace are said to be unavailability of the vaccine in the required quantities and absence of an effective agency on the central level. The Canadian government has approved vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Both these vaccines are imported from Europe. But in view of the chaos in Europe, the European Union has restricted exports of the vaccines. Canada has been hit by these restrictions and will be receiving less than expected vaccine doses over the next few months. This has increased the woes of the Canadian government, further.  

It has been revealed that the Trudeau government has directly contacted the United Nations to find a solution to this problem of short supply of the vaccines. The United Nations had started a campaign named ‘Covax’ to ensure supply of the vaccines to the underdeveloped and poor countries of the world. Under this scheme, efforts are being made to acquire the vaccines from all the countries and companies, who have developed the vaccine. The opponents and analysts criticise that asking for a share of these vaccines is a matter of major disgrace for the Canadian government.   


India to supply 5 lakh doses of Coronavirus vaccine to Canada  

New Delhi: – While the discontent over the vaccination campaign is rising in the country, Canada has decided to import vaccines from India. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the supply of the vaccine. At this time, Prime Minister Trudeau also praised the Indian vaccine and the vaccination campaign. Canada asked for a supply of 1 million vaccines, and as of now, India has decided to supply 5 lakh Covishield vaccine doses to Canada.   

Covishield is the vaccine developed by the Oxford University and AstraZeneca company and is being manufactured by the Indian company, Serum Institute of India. 

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