Pakistani PM demonstrates immaturity during the Kartarpur Corridor

Kartarpur: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan demonstrated his immaturity during the foundation stone laying ceremony by criticising the Indian leaders. Imran Khan criticised that the Indian Prime Minister lacks the ability and courage to take bold decisions without taking his name. There is only one issue between India and Pakistan, and it can be resolved through discussions. Imran Khan accused that India is not taking the initiative for that. He also bragged that if India starts a war, it cannot win it as Pakistan is a nuclear country. Imran Khan also made inciting statements regarding the change of power in India.


Pakistan is facing flak at the international level for not taking action against the masterminds of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks despite completing ten years since the incidence. Despite this Imran Khan has the cheek to advise India to observe peace saying that his country is a peace-loving country. Imran Khan tried to show dreams like if there is peace established between the two countries the trade between them will increase and help alleviate poverty. Kashmir is the only problem between the two countries, and it can be resolved through discussions, but there is a need to have the political will.

Imran Khan bragged that Pakistan has this political will, but India lacks the leadership- with this kind of comprehensive outlook, the administration cannot take such courageous decisions.

Imran Khan indicated that he is a leader with a comprehensive outlook and referred to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as pleader with a narrow outlook. Prime Minister Imran Khan also said there is no discord between the Pakistan government and the military and both want talks with India. Should Pakistan wait for friendship with India till the former cricketer and the current minister in Punjab, Navjyotsingh Siddhu to become the Prime Minister? India should have a change of leadership before that and expressed hope of a change of government in India.

Pakistan, imran khan, kartarpurEven in the past, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had criticised the social media that the Indian leadership meaning, Prime Minister does not have a comprehensive outlook. The comments of the Pakistani Prime Minister are coming under heavy criticism from India. The Indian media initiated the criticism that Imran Khan who is a known agent of the terrorist organisation IS and a puppet in the hands of the Pakistan military should not preach to India. Gopal Chawla, the Khalistan separatist and responsible for saboteur activities in Punjab was present for the Kartarpur corridor function. Drawing attention to his meeting with the Pakistani military chief, the Indian news channels highlighted how can Pakistan government, a supporter of this kind of activities expects cooperation and friendship from India?

While the whole world is expressing condolences to mark the 10years of the 26/11 attacks, a minister from the Punjab province attended a function held by the Jamat Ul Dawa, responsible for the attacks. Jamat had organised this function to celebrate the 26/11 attacks and was hosted in a posh hotel in Lahore. It has also been revealed that Hafeez Saeed’s brother-in-law and one of the masterminds of the 26/11 attacks, Abdul Rehman Makki also spewed venom against India in this function.

The Indian analysts and media advised Imran Khan to first stop the export of terrorism from his country before warning India, referring to all these incidents. The Indian foreign ministry also has demanded that Pakistan should first discharge its responsibility of action against the terrorists. At the same time, it is claimed that there is sufficient reason for the anger expressed by the Pakistan Prime Minister against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Indian Prime Minister has taken a stern stand that Pakistan’s terrorism will not be acceptable under any circumstances and terrorism and talks cannot go hand in hand. India has initiated an aggressive political campaign against the terrorist policies of Pakistan and the effects of this are being apparent on the international level. Pakistan has been cornered at the international level, and Pakistan is desperately trying to break the shackles. The Pakistan government is trying to salvage its lost pride by starting a dialogue with India. The Pakistan Prime Minister is despondent as there is no response from India. The Indian analysts are criticising that frustrations of the Prime Minister are reflecting in the statements made by him.

These statements also go to indicate that Imran Khan is still not a matured political leader. He is criticising the leadership of the country that he hopes to have a dialogue with foes on to show his foolishness.

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