‘Make America Great Again’ movement has only just begun: former President Donald Trump  

movementWashington: Former US President Donald Trump delivered a message to the people of the United States, ‘My historical and nationalist movement to Make America Great Again – MAGA – has only just begun’. Trump said that he would be having a lot of exchanges with the US citizens in the times to come, and the collective and strong effort to make the country the best will continue. Trump gave this message after the second impeachment motion brought against him in the US Congress, failed in the Senate. Analysts and political leaders are claiming that major consequences will be seen in the political and social circles in the United States due to this decision going the former President’s way. Last week, an impeachment proceeding had been initiated against former President Donald Trump in the US Congress. He was charged with inciting violence at the Capitol Hill, in Washington, in January. The Republican leaders had accused that this action, taken after President Trump ended his term, is like a war declared by the Democratic party against US President’s post. Attorneys of Trump presented his stand in the Senate when the impeachment proceedings started in the Congress. During the vote, 57 members voted in favour of impeachment and 43 voted against it.   

67 votes were needed to pass the impeachment proceeding. But as there were ten votes short, the action failed. Seven members of the Republican party voted against Trump. Within minutes after being absolved from the congressional action, Trump issued a statement. He thanked the attorneys representing him and the Republican members standing by the constitution. Trump also accused that the second attempt of impeachment against him was a part of the political vendetta of the Democratic party against him.  

US President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed regret over the decision of the Senate. Biden said that Trump being absolved of the accusations is a bad lesson in history for him. He also claimed that this only shows the fragile nature of the US democracy. Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticised that the Senate’s result is a tight slap across the face of the US constitution. She also condemned the lawmakers from the Republican party supporting Trump. Pelosi said that these lawmakers are a group of cowards.   

Donald Trump is the only President in the history of the United States to face impeachment proceedings twice during his tenure. At the same time, this is the first instance of the impeachment proceedings being initiated against a former President. Although major differences had surfaced in the Republican party over the issues of violence in January and the US Congress proceedings, it was revealed that President Trump still enjoys strong support in the Republican party. Therefore, it is being said that the coming times will be decisive for the existence of the Republican party. Indications have also been given that Donald Trump will run for President again in the future. 

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