“54% Americans favour carrying weapons for self defence”, says survey reports of US media


In the wake of the horrific mass killing at Orlando, demands for the imposition of stringent control on owning weapons have begun to gain momentum. But then some American citizens would also like permission to carry weapons to save their lives in the event of ‘Orlando’ kind of shootouts. Recent polls reveal however, that the citizens in favour of permission to legally carry guns outnumber those asking for gun control measures.


A survey conducted by a prominent American newspaper and news channel has thrown light on shocking facts. 51% respondents support a total ban on sale of guns and rifles and 37% opposed strict control.

us-gun-cultureWhile the demand for imposing control has been noted, 54% citizens have at the same time expressed that carrying weapons for self defence ought to be permitted in law. It may also be noted that the respondents constituted adults for the most part. 42% citizens stand in opposition to the view and do not feel the necessity to carry a weapon. Also, 86% firmly feel that people figuring as suspects or terrorists on the list of the American Intelligence and Security agencies ought to be blocked from buying weapons whereas 13% are for allowing weapons to be sold to such suspects.

It was 10 days back that Omar Mateen opened fire in a nightclub in Florida, killing 49 and injuring 53. Following this shooting, measures for gun control were proposed in the American Senate but were ultimately rejected in the American Senate.

There have been instances of shootouts by psychopaths in the US and gun control measures have been proposed in the Senate following these. Moreover American analysts and the media claim that after the ‘Orlando’ shooting, the fear of attacks by terrorists and psychopaths is on the rise among the Americans. Whether a ban on weapons would prove an effective measure to face such attacks or would legalizing a permit to carry weapons for self defence would, is a debate that triggers sharp differences of opinion among political parties and leaders.

Besides this debate seems to have mirrored on to the elections for President; and prominent candidates have gone on record with views in sharp contrast to one another.     

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