Suicide attacks at Turkey’s Istanbul international airport

41 Dead, 239 Injured – Blames over ‘IS’ in Turkey

Tukey’s Istanbul Airport

Ankara, dt. 29 (News Agency) – Three suicide blasts have been carried out by terrorists at ‘Ataturk’ airport in Istanbul city of Turkey, which is considered to be one the busiest airports in the world. 41 people out of whom 13 are foreign nationals are dead in these attacks which comprised of bullet fire and suicide blasts. Turkey’s President Erdogan has condemned this act in very stern words.


Erdogan mentioned that these attacks will prove to be a major milestone in the worldwide strives called against terrorism and also indicated that these attacks will be strongly responded back. Turkey’s Defense system claims that the present attacks have been carried out by ‘IS’ which is presently creating havoc in Iraq and Syria.

Tuesday evening 3 terrorists carrying AK-47 rifles entered the airport. On entering the main lobby of the airport they started berserk bullet fire. While Security officials retaliated back the gun fire and advanced towards them, the terrorists blew themselves up by means of suicidal blast.

The gun fire and blasts created a huge chaos and everyone started running to save their lives. One security guard tried to chase and catch the third terrorist, however he too blew himself up by a suicidal blast.

Turkeys AirportNone of the terrorist organizations have so far come forward to take responsibility for this attack. However, the Turkish Government and Defense System is considering ‘IS’ to be responsible for this incident. It is feared that these blasts are carried out in conjunction  with the Non Co-operation – ‘Khilafat Movement’ called upon in Iraq and Syria by IS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi which has completed two years now. ‘IS’ has threatened last week that in the coming month terrorist attacks will be incremented.

Amongst the dead at the airport attacks include nationals from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China, Iran, Jordan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Tunisia. This is the fifth major attack carried out by terrorists in past six months in Turkey.

The attacks in Istanbul are being condemned by all around the world. US Foreign Minister, John Kerry stated ‘Terrorist attacks are now a daily affair. It is necessary to take strict actions on terrorist who do not regard the border securities of the nations’. European Nations have also commented over the attacks in Turkey and also mentioned to provide their full support to Turkey. Meanwhile, Britain has indicated that the threats of terrorist attacks have not yet deferred and there are possibilities of even bigger attacks in Turkey.

Following the attacks in Istanbul, Britain  immediately calls back all of their Turkish bound passenger flights.

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