Precise attacks will not spark a war, Chief of Army Staff General Naravane

New Delhi: Chief of Army Staff General Naravane said that all the encounters do not escalate to war, has been proved by the Balakot airstrikes carried out by India. The Chief of Army Staff made this suggestive statement while addressing a symposium in New Delhi and this once again shows the changed Indian tactics. General Naravane informed that along with this, India is focusing on Blockchain technology, Lasers and Directed Energy Weapons, while preparing for the security challenges and the new war techniques, in these changing times.

The war techniques are going through a major change in current times. General Naravane informed while speaking at the symposium that India while increasing its strength in the conventional war techniques, is also paying attention to the non-conventional war techniques. The role of the terrorists and non-state actors, who are not connected with any country, is on the rise in today’s times. The Chief of Army Staff pointed out that therefore, developing non-conventional war techniques along with the conventional war techniques becomes mandatory.

Precise attacks will not spark a war, Chief of Army Staff General NaravaneIn support of his statement, the Chief of Army Staff gave the example of the use of social media by the terrorist organisation IS. General Naravane pointed out that IS uses social media more effectively than advanced countries, like the United States and the United Kingdom. General Naravane underlined the threat of non-state actors, pointing to the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who carried out fierce attacks in Saudi Arabia.

General Naravane said that while facing these threats, the importance of skilled measures like the Indian attack in Balakot, increase tremendously.

It is claimed that there is a possibility of a war flaring up when an action is taken, crossing another country’s border. But the Chief of Army Staff pointed out that no war flared up after the Indian attack in Balakot. The Chief of Army Staff inferred that precise use of force does not escalate in a war, is demonstrated by the Indian airstrike in Balakot. General Naravane is delivering a message that henceforth, India can, in turn, target the terrorists targeting India. Also, Chief of Army Staff is pointing out that there is no threat of escalation into war after carrying out an attack.

Claiming that it is a nuclear country, Pakistan had repeatedly said that a nuclear war would start if India carried out any attacks. India, therefore, had tolerated the terror attacks originating from Pakistan and refrained from intruding into Pakistan to execute actions against terrorists.

But after the Kargil conflict between the two countries, it was clear that conflicts will not escalate into a nuclear war. India demonstrated to the world that the Pakistani threats of a nuclear war are empty by carrying out a surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and an airstrike in Balakot. The Chief of Army Staff is highlighting this fact.

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