15th India-EU summit begins

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi underlined the importance of cooperation between India and the European Union (EU) ‘India and Europe are natural partners. Cooperation among the democratic powers, is vital for world peace and stability. In view of the current situation, the partnership between India and Europe is coming out more prominently.’


15th summit started between India and the EU started on Wednesday. Prime Minister Modi was speaking during the summit. Before the summit, the India-EU civilian nuclear deal was finalized, on Tuesday. The draft of the civilian nuclear deal has been finalized after 13 years of negotiations.

15th summit starts between India and EUPrime Minister Modi said that to strengthen the relations between India and the EU, a long-term policy outlook has to be adopted and at the same time, an action plan has to be devised. Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the general principles of comprehensiveness, respect for the international institutions, independence and transparency are the pillars of the democracy in India and the United Nations.

Prime Minister Modi also said that the democratic powers are expected to cooperate extensively, to tide over the crisis in the economic sector, created by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Prime Minister, at this time, appealed that the European countries should invest in India and increase the cooperation in the technology sector.

Along with marine security, trade cooperation and investment, there will be discussions held between the CBI and Europol, during the summit between India and the European Union. Some important announcements are expected to be made during the summit. The report saying that the draft of India-EU civilian nuclear cooperation agreement has been finalized, was received before the summit. India and the EU have prioritized comprehensive cooperation in the atomic energy sector. This agreement is very important in that respect.

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