11th round of India-China talks get concluded

New Delhi: – 11th round of the India-China talks regarding the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh was concluded. It is being said that military officials from both countries concurred that the tension should not be allowed to fester in the region. But it was once again apparent in the talks that China is unwilling to meet the Indian demand that the Chinese soldiers should be withdrawn from the LAC in Ladakh. But India also adopted a firm stand that the tension cannot be diffused unless China meets the Indian demand army withdrawal.   

There have been ten rounds of talks between India and China for diffusing the tension on the LAC in Ladakh. There was no possibility of some dramatic development in the 11th round. While China is making efforts to supersede India using aggressive tactics, India announced 10,000 soldiers’ deployment to the special unit 17 Mountain Strike Corps. Before that, the Indian Rafale fighter jets carried out sorties on the LAC in Ladakh.   

India is conveying to China in all the possible ways that India will not bow to any pressure tactics employed by China, and there will be an equivalent retaliation. This is adding to the Chinese restlessness. In this scenario, China is not willing to withdraw from the region near the LAC. But India also has adopted a tough stand on this front. India has warned that if China wants harmony with India, it will have to first withdraw from the LAC. Therefore, Indian military officials have given a verdict that the LAC issue will not be resolved anytime soon.   

Although rounds of talks are being held with China, it is clear that the Indian Army is very cautious in this sector. The Indian Army is aware that the Chinese military will not withdraw from the region anytime soon. Senior military officials informed; therefore, the Indian Army is prepared to face any eventuality. India indicates that it will strongly retaliate against further attempts of Chinese military intrusion. Simultaneously, India has prepared to retaliate against China on the diplomatic level strongly.   

Japanese Prime Minister Suga is visiting India at the end of this month. Two-Plus-Two talks between the Defence and Foreign Ministers will also be held between India and Japan. China has always been suspicious of the India-Japan relations. Therefore, the India visit of the Japanese Prime Minister could have the desired effect on China.  

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