Israel blows up Hamas tunnels

Jerusalem – Israel military blew up ten underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip, built by Hamas. It is claimed that this Israeli action delivered a major jolt to Hamas.


Israel-Hamas-basementOn Thursday, Israel announced in front of the international media that its military entered the Gaza strip with its tanks to intensify the action against Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Alerted by the warning, the Hamas terrorists took shelter in the underground tunnels in Gaza. Israel, which awaited this, launched airstrikes and destroyed ten underground tunnels.

Hamas had made elaborate preparations to launch crushing attacks on the Israeli military once it entered Gaza. But the Israeli military, always a step ahead of the enemy, delivered a jolt to Hamas.

Israel informed that thousands of Israeli soldiers have been deployed in this region for the action in Gaza; 9,000 more reserved soldiers will reach the region soon. But Israel did not execute that action. Therefore, all the Hamas terrorist seeking shelter in the underground tunnels were killed in the crushing Israeli attack.

Israeli Prime Minister informed that one important Hamas leader escaped the attack. Prime Minister Netanyahu said, although he could escape this time, he will be targeted in the future.

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