Veteran US statesman Henry Kissinger is acting on behalf of China, former US diplomat alleges

Washington: – Senior US Statesman Henry Kissinger is consistently taking a stand that the United States and China should resolve the bilateral disputes amicably. Kissinger had warned that if that does not happen, the tension between the United States and China will increase, and a situation like the one before the world war would be created. Former US diplomat William Staten made some serious allegations against Kissinger, emphasising that Kissinger seems to have a particular affinity towards China. Kissinger is ignoring the irresponsible Chinese policies regarding India, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang and the South China Sea. At the same time, Staten accused that Kissinger is unwilling to consider the human rights violation by China, as he is working on behalf of China.   


us-henri-kissinger-chinaKissinger was instrumental in turning China on the US side during the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Russia. This is considered to be the most significant success for his foreign policy. Staten pointed out that in the current times, this success is worthless as China is once again establishing cooperation with Russia. Saying that Kissinger has always taken a stand in China’s favour and China is a subject very close to his heart, Staten quoted Kissinger’s lecture in China a few years ago. Staten has noted the memory that a Chinese researcher had said after the speech that Kissinger is extremely useful for China.   

Moreover, Kissinger has visited China 50 times to date. Staten claimed that the actual number of Kissinger visits to China could even be 100. Therefore, Kissinger chooses to ignore the human rights violations perpetrated by China. Staten remarked that it is a matter of surprise that Kissinger feels closeness towards China, which has carried out a massacre at Tiananmen Square. William Staten also raised strong objection to Kissinger’s statements that China is not responsible for the problems faced by the United States and European countries, and they should resolve their issues on their own.  

China is causing enormous losses to the United States and European countries through illegitimate trade. Pointing out China is blatantly violating the intellectual property laws, Staten retorted whether this should also be considered an internal problem of the United States and European countries. 

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