Denmark asks Syrian refugees to return to Damascus

Copenhagen: – Denmark has made preparations to deport all the Syrian immigrants from the country. As per the Denmark government, the situation in Syria is improving now, and these immigrants cannot be allowed to stay in the country anymore. The decision is facing intense criticism, and the Syrian immigrants are saying that sending them to Syria is like pushing them towards death. In this matter, the Danish policy was clear from day one, and the Danish Minister for Integration has asserted that they will not deviate from their decision to send the immigrants back.  

Denmark asks Syrian refugees to return to DamascusThere are 35,000 Syrian immigrants in Denmark, which has a population of nearly 6 million. Denmark, while accepting these immigrants, had made it clear that the shelter is temporary. It had been clearly warned that the immigrants would not be allowed to stay in the country after the requisite period. The Danish stand in the matter was clear from the very beginning. Mattias Tesfaye, Minister for Integration, said that the government would not deviate from its decision. The decision is facing bitter opposition from some leaders and human rights organisations. These leaders and human rights activists are saying that these immigrants cannot just be left to their fate.   

The Syrian immigrants are saying that sending them back to Syria is like pushing them into a valley of death. The Syrian immigrants are pleading that they do not have anyone left in Syria and should be granted asylum in this country. Senior officials and advisors of the human rights organisations are strongly criticising the Denmark government’s decision. It is being charged that Denmark has taken a decision that has not been taken by any other European country. The UN Human rights organisation also has said that the situation in Syria has not improved.   

Still, the Denmark government is firm on its decision to send the immigrants back because a serious threat of erasing Denmark’s original identity is being perceived. The incidence of violence and attack on citizens, which was negligible in Denmark, has also increased significantly since they came into the country. This is seriously affecting Danish security. Therefore, Denmark does not seem willing to risk its safety by continuing to house these immigrants.   

Mattias Tesfaye reminded that the immigrants had also been forewarned that if a threat is perceived to the Danish security, the shelter will be withdrawn. Tesfaye clarified that the legal department would take over from here, and the government will not change its decision under any circumstances. The Danish government had announced a special package for the Syrian immigrants willing to go back. As per this, the immigrants were offered certain facilities along with a substantial sum of USD 23,000. Still, only 137 immigrants out of 35,000 expressed willingness to leave the country.   

The member countries were forced to accept immigrants because of the compulsion made by the European Union. But the rightist leaders are warning that the risk of wiping out the original identity of the smaller countries has been created due to these immigrants. The incidence of violence and crime is increasing in Europe because of these immigrants, and social security is under threat. The rightist leaders are also warning that if this continues in Europe, it will lose its culture. The European public also is against immigrants, and therefore, the support for the rightist groups and political parties, opposed to the immigrants, is increasing by the day. 

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