National Security Law to be used for crushing opposition from Hong Kong, salvo of criticism from US, UK and Canada

Hongkong: – The United States, the United Kingdom and Canada have launched an attack against China by criticising that the National Security Law is being used for crushing the opposition in Hong Kong. The Foreign Ministers of these three countries castigated China in the joint statement released on Sunday. More than 50 political leaders and activists were arrested in an extensive action taken in the last week. Strong repercussions of the action are being felt on the international level.   


China started the implementation of the National Security Law in July last year. According to this act, any action against China will be treated illegal and as an act of treason, and there is a provision to hand out even life imprisonment for the offenders. The concerned authorities have also been permitted to hold secret hearings. The Hong Kong agencies and China have arrested many people under the new act in the last six months. It is said that the process of taking action against them also has been started.   

In the last week, the Chinese security agencies arrested 55 political leaders and activists. Those detained were preparing for elections. But the Chinese security agencies have levelled false allegations that they were trying to overthrow the Hong Kong administration. Even in the past, China has arrested many political leaders and democracy supporters from Hong Kong. But this was the first instance of charging 55 people at one time. Strong reactions have emanated from Hong Kong and on the international level.   

The United States and European countries have already lambasted China over the actions in Hong Kong. The statement issued on Sunday is considered a part of a campaign to make the voices against China more comprehensive and aggressive. The Foreign Ministers of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada are a part of the statement issued on Sunday. The statement warns that the Chinese government and the Hong Kong administration should respect the legal rights and freedom.  

The United States and the United Kingdom have taken a more aggressive stand on the law implemented in Hong Kong. These countries have announced action against China, and efforts are being made to build a strong front, on this issue, against China. The Five Eyes alliance also has been pressed into action for this purpose. It was also reported that this group had held an independent meeting on the Hong Kong issue and issued a warning to China.   

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