EU declares new sanctions against China over Hong Kong Security Law

Brussels/Hongkong: The European Union has announced further action against the Hong Kong Security Law imposed by the ruling Chinese Communist Party. The Union has restricted export on surveillance equipment and dual-use technology to Hong Kong. Moreover, the European Union is cooperating with groups that are fighting against the new Security Law. Besides, the EU has also indicated loosening the rules for the Hong Kong citizens residing in Europe. Against this background, New Zealand has declared to cancel the extradition deal with Hong Kong.    


On 1st July, the National Security Law created for Hong Kong was implemented. According to the law, any act committed against China would be considered unlawful and anti-national; people committing such actions will be sentenced for life. Moreover, as per the law, local laws will be invalid for the person who is under arrest. Besides, the agencies have the right to conduct trial sessions behind closed doors over the cases registered via this new law. This new law imposed by China faced global outrage.    

The US had warned to withdraw Hong Kong’s special status and said that laws, same as China would apply to it. The United States had imposed sanctions on financial institutions in Hong Kong alongside Chinese officials. Moreover, British PM Boris Johnson had said that Chinese imposition of Hong Kong Security Law is a violation of unanimous decision between the UK and China. He further added that the UK would continue to practice as promised to the Hong Kong citizens and declared the implementation of the citizenship proposal. Furthermore, following the US and UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and Taiwan also took decisions that would shock China. Thus, this announcement by the European Union is a part of the same scheme.    

On Tuesday, the European Union declared action by restating that the Hong Kong security law seizes the rights and independence of Hong kong. Accordingly, the EU has imposed a ban on every defence, patrol and communication system that can be used against citizens of Hong Kong. This ban will include dual-use technology alongside cyber equipment. Moreover, the Union also said that the democratic parties and volunteers in Hong Kong would be provided more assistance after this ban. The European Union also indicated that it would make the rules flexible for Hong Kong citizens who would visit Europe for education or business. Furthermore, sources have said that Germany and France support this action taken by the EU.    

Meanwhile, New Zealand has declared to withdraw the treaty of extradition with Hong Kong. Besides, New Zealand is the fourth nation to decide in favour of Hong Kong. Before this, the UK, Australia and Canada too had cancelled the extradition treaty with Hong Kong. In retaliation, China has cancelled its extradition treaty with all these nations that are Hong Kong’s allies. 

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