US to use plants for espionage

Washington: In the world of espionage, a lush green plant could do a better job than a ‘Field agent’ i.e. a spy in a war zone, claim US military officials. Based on these grounds, the ‘Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency’ (DARPA), associated with the US defence headquarters Pentagon, has begun work on ‘spy plants’. These ‘spy plants’ will reduced loss of life and the threat of a sensitive data leak at the hands of the enemy, claim US military analysts.

DARPA, US, sply plants‘DARPA’, the organisation that develops new technology for the US military, had provided information regarding the spy plants at the start of the month. It clearly stated that by genetically engineering the plant ‘sensors’, it was developing spy tech to use these plants for espionage in war zones. These spy plants could be used to send alerts regarding possible threats in a war zone or its related locations, DARPA informed sources.

During their natural growth span, plants respond to sunlight and other chemical elements. DARPA‘s ‘Biological Technologies Office’ (BTO) has prepared itself to harness this capability of plants. ‘BTO’ has devised the initiative ‘Advanced Plant technologies’ (APT) program for accomplishing this task.

DARPA’s allied organizations have indicated an alteration in the DNA of plants for this initiative. Previously, experiments were conducted to alter the plant DNA. Therefore, now the plant DNA would be altered only using those factors necessary for espionage, informed DARPA officials.

DARPA claims that with alterations in its ‘DNA’, plants would help sense threats in its surrounding areas. It also states that If this experiment is successful, plants would be able to detect harmful, chemical, radiation as well as electromagnetic signals.

This type of espionage, would avoid loss of life. DARPA officials state that this technology would eliminate the necessity of risking the lives of US soldiers or field agents. These plants can be used for spying even in dangerous locations, claims DARPA.

DARPA also cited an instance of how these plants would be put to use. While passing through a war inflicted zone, after the soldiers throw these plant seeds from their pockets onto the soil, within matter of minutes the seeds would grow roots and develop further. They would change their colour to indicate a tunnel underneath. This will serve as a warning to the soldiers. This would help soldiers to avoid dangerous routes, says DARPA.

However, these plants would have to be short-lived, revealed ‘DARPA’. Meanwhile, a special meeting of associated DARPA officials would be held in Virginia on the 12th of December. The officials have informed that the decision of the plants to be chosen for the experiment, would be taken in this meeting.

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