Israel may take its own way if US goes ahead with Iran Nuclear Deal, warn Israeli envoy to US

Jerusalem: – Three weeks have passed since Joe Biden took over as the President of the United States and he has still not talked to the Israeli Prime Minister. This has not disturbed Netanyahu in any way. But the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Gilad Erdan, has warned that the Biden administration should forget about cooperation with Israel if it signs a nuclear deal with Iran. Two days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the Biden administration, who is cooperating with Iran and threatening the Israeli security, will face a bitter opposition.
biden-iran-nuclear-israelFormer President Donald Trump had called the Israeli Prime Minister on the third day of taking over as US President. But it has been three weeks since Biden took the oath as US President. Still, Biden has not talked to the Israeli Prime Minister. Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, strongly criticised Biden for this. She raised a question, ‘Will the United States provide billions of dollars of aid to Iran, compromising Israeli security?’
Last week former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Danny Danon, posted the list of countries that Biden held talks with on the social media. This aggravated the dispute. The White House spokeswoman issued a clarification regarding this saying that President Biden will soon hold talks with the Israeli Prime Minister. Israeli Ambassador to the United States and a confidante of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Gilad, made a sarcastic statement.
Gilad said, ‘It is possible that the US President was unable to speak with the Israeli Prime Minister because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis. But this has not changed anything for the Israeli Prime Minister.’ But Gilad warned that if the United States signed the nuclear deal with Iran, Israel would not cooperate with the United States.  
The Israeli Ambassador warned that if the United States relaxes sanctions against Iran, it will lose everything that has been achieved till today. Gilad suggested that Iran would come to the negotiation table only if the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration are continued, and new sanctions are added.  
Two days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also warned the Biden administration, who is preparing to sign the nuclear deal with Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a stern warning, ‘Israel will be supporting all the political party leaders in the United States, committed to Israel’s security. But Israel will strongly oppose those who support the Iran nuclear deal and threaten the Israeli security. They will be opposed even if they are from the Democrat party.’

Meanwhile, Iran has given a deadline till next Sunday for the United States to sign the nuclear deal. Iran has demanded that the United States withdraw all the sanctions imposed against Iran and unconditionally participate in the nuclear deal.


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