Russian military scientists propose pre-emptive strikes to counter US war strategy

Moscow/Washington: – The US multi-sectoral war strategy is a threat for Russian existence, and Russian defence experts have advised that to counter that, Russia should launch comprehensive multi-pronged attacks with fighter jets, bombers and drones. Only last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned of a conflict on the international level while addressing an international forum. Within the next few days of this, US President Joe Biden indicated an aggressive strategy against Russia, with a decision to deploy four advanced bombers in Europe.   


Zhukovsky – Gagarin Air Force Academy, a part of the Russian air force, publishes a trimonthly named Aerospace Forces, Theory and Practice. An article by Professors Tsushinki and Korolov has been published in the trimonthly. The report advises that Russia should use the Pre-Emptive Intimidation Strike. The United States is developing the Multidomain War Fighting Strategy.

This US strategy is the plan to render the enemy defenceless utilising a combination of airspace, marine region, cyberspace and space. This US strategy is the biggest and most lethal threat to Russian security. Simultaneous comprehensive airstrikes inflicting maximum destruction could be useful to counter this US strategy. The Russian defence experts have advised that for this purpose, the Russian defence forces should use fighter jets, drones, missiles, electronic warfare and hypersonic weapons and stop the United States and NATO from launching their first strike.   

Since the last few years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has focussed on the modernisation of the defence forces. Under this, Russia has developed defence systems using the latest technologies and has even developed advanced nuclear weapons. Only last year, Russia has changed its nuclear policy. At the same time, President Putin has adopted an aggressive stand against the sanctions imposed and the cyberattacks against Russia. Putin also recently warned that such trade blockades and illegal sanctions related to economy, technology and information can invite military action.   

Against this background, the report regarding Russian defence experts advising for Pre-Emptive Intimidation Strike becomes significant.   

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