Iran should not hurry to retaliate against the attackers, appeals former CIA Chief John Brennan

Washington: Former CIA Chief John Brennan advised, ‘Assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is a crime and an imprudent act. This has created a threat of a regional conflict. Iranian rulers should not be in a hurry to punish the perpetrators of the crime. Iran should wait for the change to responsible leadership in the United States.’ There is criticism from within the United States of this advice given by the former CIA Chief.


Senior US Senator Ted Cruise accused that Brennan is standing with Iran, who is spewing venom, by continually saying, ‘The United States should get destroyed’. John Brennan was the Chief of CIA, the leading US intelligence agency, during the tenure of former President Barack Obama. Brennan has advised Iran to be patient till January as a response through his social media post. Joe Biden will be taking the President’s oath on 21st January 2021. Therefore, Brennan seems to indicate that the Biden leadership will be favourable for Iran.   

In his other reaction, Brennan criticised the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist. Brennan accused that the assassination of Fakhrizadeh is an act of terror. He stated that this incident is a violation of international regulations and an act of incitement for other countries to attack foreign officials. A major conflict has been triggered in the United States over the statements made by Brennan.  

Ted Cruise, a Senior Senator from the Republican Party, reminded, ‘It is extraordinary that the former CIA Chief consistently stands up for the extremists. These Iranian extremists give slogans for the destruction of the United States. These Iranian extremists have given similar threats, even regarding Israel.’ Therefore, the two factions in the US political circles seem to have already started showering severe criticism on each other over the Iran issue.   

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