Syrian petroleum minister accused the US of robbing Syrian oil

Damascus: Syrian Petroleum Minister accused that the United States has taken control of the Syrian oilfield and is looting Syrian oil like a dacoit. The United States has manipulated this, taking advantage of the Syrian civil war. Till date, the United States has robbed Syrian oil worth nearly $92 billion. Syrian Petroleum and Mineral Assets Minister Basam Toomeh said that 140,000 barrels of oil, from nearly 90% of the Syrian oilfields are being stolen per day.

Syrian petroleum minister accused the US of robbing Syrian oilSyrian civil war completed 10 years. Syria witnessed fierce conflict during this period and the conflict continues. Syria is facing severe consequences of the bloodshed and instability created by this conflict. A dreaded terrorist organisation like the ‘IS’ had established its domination in the country. Whereas the rebels challenging the ruling regime of President Bashar Al Assad had captured most parts of the country. The Syrian Kurdish organisations are fighting for freedom and at the same time, they are forced to simultaneously fight with both the Syrian military and IS. The oilfields in northeastern Syria are under the control of these Kurdish people. But now Petroleum and Mineral Assets Minister Basam Toomeh has levelled an accusation against the United States that it is stealing Syrian oil. Tomeeh said that the United States has stolen oil worth $92 billion so far and indicated that the United States triggered the civil war for this purpose. In November 2019, US President Donald Trump claimed that the Syrian oilfields must remain under US control. Trump had claimed that otherwise, the oilfields would fall into the hands of the terrorists and there will be dire consequences.

The new US President, Joe Biden, has started deploying US military and building an airstrip near the oilfields in Syria. Therefore, as per analysts, the US policy regarding Syrian oil will not change anytime soon. Other than the United States, Turkey has set its eyes on Syrian Oil. Under the pretext of action against the Kurdish people, Turkey wants to control the Syrian oilfields. It is said that the conflict between the Syrian Kurdish organisation and the Turkish military and Turkey affiliated terrorist organisations is primarily for the control over the oilfields.

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