US President Trump warns to stop funding WHO

Washington: US President Donald Trump stated that ‘The World Health Organisation (WHO) is favouring China. It is incorrect. Therefore, the United States will stop funding the WHO.’ The WHO tried to cover for China by taking a very sloppy stand regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. The United States, the United Kingdom and Japan have criticised that the WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, is China’s agent and is responsible for the current pandemic crisis the world faces. Given the developments, the stoppage of funding from the United States, providing 15% of the total WHO funds, could corner the organisation. The US decision may spark significant political repercussions.  


The United States has initiated the most prominent campaign against the new Coronavirus, and President Trump is addressing the US citizens on a daily bases through the media. At a press conference on Tuesday, President Trump targeted the WHO. ‘The United States is stopping funds to the WHO. We will impose very effective stoppage on the funding. There would have been no uncertainty if the organisation functioned normally. However, as the organisation opposes every proposal brought by us, it is incorrect, and we will never tolerate it,’ President Trump warned.   

At the same time, President Trump reminded the organisation that the highest funding contribution the WHO receives comes from the United States. Despite that, the WHO is favouring China, President Trump accused. President Trump said, ‘A month ago, the United States had announced a travel ban on all the passengers coming from China, to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. At this time, this organisation had objected to the US decision. This China-centric stand of the WHO was wrong,’ as he raised questions on the intention of the WHO.  

President Trump went on to say that ‘Not only the stand regarding the United States but also the decisions the WHO took on the Coronavirus crisis, proved to be incorrect. Furthermore, the US President levelled serious allegation as he said that the WHO hid information on the Coronavirus pandemic for a long time to protect China.  

President Trump’s aggressive stand will tremendously increase the pressure on the WHO. Before the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan had launched stinging criticism against the WHO, accusing the organisation of being partisan in favour of China. On the contrary, US Senator Martha McSally demanded Ghebreyesus resign as the WHO chief.  

After the US President stops funding the WHO, other countries may also follow suit. The decision will thus hit not only the WHO but also China. A fierce political conflict has been sparked, riding on the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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