US instigates China to militarise the ‘South China sea’, warns leading Chinese Daily

Beijing/Manila: The Chinese government daily has warned ‘If the US continues with the provocative acts in ‘South China sea’, China will have no option but to militarise the region.’ China has alleged that an American warship was patrolling inside the Chinese waters in the ‘South China sea’ last week. But the Defence minister of Philippines has justified the deployment of the American warships in the region.


US-instigates-ChinaThe American navy has declared that the warship ‘USS Hopper’ is on a patrolling mission in the ‘South China sea’. According to the American navy this is in line with the timetable of the American navy deployed in the Asia-pacific region. The American navy has stated that the warship has travelled in the international waters as per the time table.

Lu Kang, the spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry has rejected this claim. Lu Kang had alleged that the warship had travelled in waters in the ‘Scarborough Shoal’ region. The Chinese foreign ministry alleged that these islands are under the Chinese rule and the warship passed just 12 nautical miles away from the islands.

A leading Chinese daily has criticised this patrolling mission as instigative. The daily warned ‘If the irresponsible country instigates by entering its waters, China will have to take a final decision. China will have to increase its defence preparedness in the ‘South China sea’ region.

China is claiming its right over the entire ‘South China sea’ region. With this China has created artificial islands in three regions in the area. China has deployed Fighter jets, Drones, Anti-missile and anti-aircraft guns on these islands along with erection of radar systems. On this background the US is alleging that China is attempting to militarise this zone. US has also criticised China of infringing the rights of the South-eastern countries by this militarisation.

In the mean time defence minister of Philippines ‘Delfin Lorenzana’ has justified the deployment of ‘USS Hopper’ citing international rules. However, Lorenzana avoided speaking about the Chinese stand.

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