Philippine President declares its ‘separation from the U.S.’ says will embrace China

Beijing / Manila : Philippine President, ‘Rodrigo Duterte’ declares that it will break all collaborations with the United States on his visit to China. Duterte said that Philippines will separate from the United States and is trying to embrace China. He also said that henceforth China, Russia & Philippines will stand united against the world. Meanwhile, the Chinese & Philippine leaders have agreed to discuss the dispute over the ‘South China Sea’.


Philippine President declares its 'separation from the U.S.' says will embrace China

The Philippine President, Duterte met with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping on his four day visit to China and clarified Philippines’ role. Duterte also mentioned that Philippines had great expectations from China towards its development. For this purpose, President Duterte had expressed his readiness to establish new trade collaborations with China. Also, the Philippine President announced its separation from the United States while addressing a Philippine-China trade delegation.

Duterte declared that henceforth there will not be any kind of military or economic alliance with the United States. Also, until now the Philippine foreign policy was congenial to America. However, now Philippines is ready to realign itself with China’s ideological flow. Also, along with China, Philippines is eager to establish a similar alliance with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

This change in the Philippine foreign policy is considered to be important. Since the past few weeks, Philippines has openly taken a stand against the US. Also, it has ended its decades-old military drills with the United States and has expressed readiness to begin military drills with China. Duterte also conveyed his willingness to resolve the ongoing dispute between China & Philippines over the ‘South China Sea’ through deliberations which has directly escalated to the International Court. China & Philippines are expected to sign deals worth a minimum of $14 billion.

Meanwhile, even though President Duterte on his China visit announced that he would break economic ties with the US, the Philippine Trade Minister, Ramon Lopez denies this possibility. The Philippine Trade Minister also said that it will continue trade cooperation with the United States.

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