Taiwan capable of launching missile attacks on China, warns Taiwan’s Defence Minister

Taipei: While China who according to its ‘One China Policy’ maintains an aggressive stance, and expects the US to accept that Taiwan is an integral part of China, has received a warning from Taiwan itself. The Taiwanese Defence Minister has declared that Taiwan has missiles in its armoury which can target the interiors of mainland China. Taiwan has also requested the US for ‘F-35B’ fighter planes and for a supply of arms and ammunitions. Even though China has aimed thousands of missiles at Taiwan, such a declaration from Taiwan proves to be a threat.


A few weeks ago, China had increased its defence spending by 7 percent. While undertaking the increase in spending, China had announced that this provision was being made for safeguarding its interests. Along with this, its military deployments have indicated over their website that if it was the need of the hour, in the near future they would take control over Taiwan. This has led to rising concerns in Taiwan. This problem was also discussed in the Taiwan parliament.   

While answering a question about Taiwanese army preparedness to defend itself from China, Taiwan’s Defence Minister, ‘Feng Shih-kuan’, clearly stated that missiles that can target anything within a 1500 km radius were ready to be deployed. These were cruise missiles and could directly hit the interiors of mainland China. Taiwan had developed and tested these missiles a long time back. However, this information was not made public until now, said Shih-kuan.               

Defence minister Shih-kuan has expressed his concerns over the increasing preparedness of the Chinese army and has asked for military aid from the USA. He said that the US is falling short of Taiwan’s expectations of arms aid. Currently, Taiwan has 140 ‘F-16’ fighter planes in its resources; but, to counter China, Taiwan requires the advanced ‘F-35B’ fighter jets, surface-to-surface missiles for attack and stealth planes, Shih-kuan said while speaking at the Taiwan’s parliament.

Meanwhile, China claims Taiwan to be its integral part. Even though Taiwan has refuted this claim, China has already warned to annex Taiwan by using military force. Thus, China has clearly taken its stance by saying that no country should establish an alliance with Taiwan.

About a month ago, the US President Trump had held talks over a phone conversation with Taiwan’s President ‘Tsai Ing-wen’ and also hinted at providing military aid to Taiwan. This had led to intense reactions from China.

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