US, France, Japan & Belgium to hold Mideast naval exercise

Dubai: – The United States and its allies will soon be holding joint war exercises in the Gulf because of the sector’s security. Warships from the United States, France, Japan and Belgium will participate in the joint naval exercises. A few days ago, there had been a suspicious explosion in an Israeli freight liner in this region. It is claimed that Iran was behind the explosion. Against this background, the importance of the joint exercises held by the United States and its allies increases further.   

us-belgium-france-japan-exerciseThe exercises will be held in the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean region. The US navy has not announced the days and dates of the exercises. But the exercises will have the participation of French aircraft carrier Charles De Galle, US Amphibious warship USS Makin Island, Japanese JS Ariake and Belgian destroyer Leopold-1. Fighter jets from all these countries also will be participating in the exercises.  

Iran has not given any reaction over the naval exercises to be held close to its marine borders. The Western media claimed that these war exercises had been organised to warn Iran, which is aggressively pursuing its nuclear program. Reports were received only last week that Iran has increased its activities in its Arak nuclear project. At the same time, it had started work on Uranium enrichment and centrifuges in the Natanz nuclear project. Western media are also pointing out that French President Emmanuel Macron had criticised these Iranian activities.   

Japan and Belgium, who are participating in the joint exercises, also have developed tension with Iran over the last few months. Last month, a Belgian court handed out a 20-year prison sentence to the Iranian Ambassador Asadollah Assadi. It had been exposed that Assad was involved in a terror plot to attack a rally against the Iranian regime, in France, in 2018. Whereas last year, the United States had accused Iran and its affiliated terrorist groups of being responsible for the Japanese ship attack. Against this background, Japan’s participation, France and Belgium in the joint naval exercises is a warning for Iran. 

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