National disaster on US-Mexico border, former US President Trump criticises President Biden

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on policies of President Biden, criticising that national disaster has been created and large number of casualties are being reported from the US-Mexico border, owing to the faulty policies of US President Joe Biden. Large scale smuggling of narcotics also has started into the United States, across the US-Mexico border. At the same time, incidents of human trafficking also have increased. Along with Trump, many former US officials also castigated Biden over the issue.

National disaster on US-Mexico border, former US President Trump criticises President BidenThere is a massive increase in the influx of illegal immigrants. In February, more than a hundred thousand Illegal immigrants attempted intrusion into the United States. The local agencies informed that this is an increase of 28% over January. The Biden administration has not made any concrete provisions for implementing any legal processes for them or for their management. Therefore, there are indications that the situation on the US-Mexico border is fast getting out of hand.

A few days ago, former President Trump had accused that the situation on the Mexico border has got out of hand. Moreover, there are tsunamis of immigrants dashing against the borders. After that, he has targeted the Biden administration once again on the same issue. Trump blamed that the Mexico border situation was under control till a few weeks ago, but the Biden administration has converted a controlled situation into a national disaster. At this time, he also criticised the new Secretary of Interior’s decisions and claimed that it has been proved in a matter of days that he is inefficient.

Following Trump, former officials, and Congressmen, launched fierce attacks on Biden over the situation on the Mexico border. Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, reminded ‘Biden is holding Trump responsible for the situation created on the border. But it is him who is responsible for the situation. Now he is appealing to Mexico to keep the immigrants away from the border. But this was originally Trump’s Idea.’National disaster on US-Mexico border, former US President Trump criticises President Biden

Former White House spokeswoman, Kyle McAnaney, accused that the Mexico border crisis have been created just because the warnings issued by Trump administration were ignored while launching a blistering attack on Biden’s policies. US Congressmen Matt Getz and Dan Crenshaw also severely criticised the decisions taken by the Biden administration regarding the immigrants.

The process of expulsion of immigrants had been started during the tenure of former President Trump. The US department of state, department of interior and department of justice took certain aggressive decisions for this purpose. During his ‘State of the Union’ speech, former President Trump had warned that this immigrant influx through the US borders is a national disaster. He also made efforts to contain the problem by starting work on the Mexico wall and deploying additional security.

But claiming that the policies implemented by Donald Trump have tarnished the US image, President Joe Biden issued ordinances awarding a freehand to the illegal immigrants. The ramifications of these decisions are becoming apparent. Therefore, the Biden administration seems to have adopted a defensive stand.

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