US hints at increasing its nuclear capability to counter possible nuclear attack from Russia

Washington: With the alarming increase in Russian ‘Nuclear Torpedo’ and ‘Tactical Nuclear Weapons’ (TNW); the United States has signalled an intense escalation in its nuclear capabilities. On Friday, the US Department of Defense published its ‘Nuclear Posture Review’, in which it has firmly ascertained the future threat from Russia and hence proclaimed to increase US atomic dimensions. The new policy has conformed to stick to the ‘Nuclear Triad’; a centrepiece of the US Defence atomic weaponry. As per the directives given by the US President Donald Trump, new nuclear policy has been published, which is in sharp contrast to the minimal nuclear weapons policy of Ex-President, Barack Obama; hereby concluding this approach once and for all.


us, russia, nuclear weapons, On Friday, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan, announced about the ‘Nuclear Posture Review’, in a press conference. Accordingly, the United States has plans to further increase its atomic prowess in weapons fired in land combat, aerial bombardment and by waterways. “Our new policy aims to give a clear message to Russia on the US non-adherence to any atomic weapon used by Russia in future”, the stance behind the US Nuclear Posture Review was clarified in these words. The new policy also mentions of giving befitting reply to Russia as it opines the current nuclear capacity of the United States to be not exceptionally good.

In the ‘Nuclear Posture Review’, the United States has made a special note of the Russian designed ‘Hypersonic’ nuclear weapons and “Nuclear torpedo”. As per the ‘Nuclear Posture Review, Russia owns five drone submarines which are nuclear weapon carrier and have been tested successfully. On 27th November 2016, Russian navy had conducted the first test of ‘Sarov’ class submarine from which the drone submarine was first launched. In the report, this submarine is referred as ‘Canon’, whereas, Russia has named this nuclear arms carrier drone submarine as ‘Status-6’. “Status -6” submarine is completely unmanned type and has the capacity to transport weight of 100 megaton nuclear weaponry.

Apart from this, it has been clearly emphasised in the ‘Nuclear Posture Review’ that “Non-nuclear strategic attacks” will be deployed and conventional wars will also involve usage of nuclear weapons. US President Donald Trump and the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis have welcomed the edition of this new report.

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