US army withdrawal from Afghanistan adds to Indian concerns

New Delhi/Washington: India expressed concerns over the announcement of US military withdrawal from Afghanistan, made by President Joe Biden. India warned that the terror groups destabilising Afghanistan would get a free hand with the US military withdrawal. US analyst Lisa Curtis claimed that with this army withdrawal, Taliban and terror groups from Pakistan would become stronger, which will add to Indian concerns.

US army withdrawal from Afghanistan adds to Indian concernsIndian Defence Chief, General Bipin Rawat, gave his reaction to the US decision to withdraw the military from Afghanistan. If peace prevails in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US and NATO militaries, India will be more than happy. However, he also said, ‘But if the destabilising forces take a grip on Afghanistan and increase violence, it will be cause serious concern.’

General Rawat avoided the mention of any particular country or terror group. But US analyst Curtis referred to the 1990 decade while speaking to the media. Curtis reminded that the terrorist organisations Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba had their bases in Afghanistan while the Taliban was in power.

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