China cries foul as US appoints special coordinator for Tibet

Washington/Lhasa: After increasing the pressure on the Chinese communist government, over the Hong Kong and Taiwan issues, the United States has taken up the Tibet issue. The United States appointed Robert Destro as a special coordinator for Tibet. It is claimed that the appointment of a special coordinator, is like appointing a special envoy for Tibet. China has criticised this US decision and the Chinese foreign ministry accused the United States, of creating instability in Tibet.


A few hours ago, China was appointed on the UN Human Rights Council. The Chinese appointment on the council has been controversial. The United States expressed resentment over the Chinese appointment and US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, announced Destro as the special coordinator for Tibet, within the next few hours. Pompeo clarified that Destro, who is the Deputy Secretary, in the US Department of State, looking after human rights and labour, will also be responsible for human rights in Tibet. Pompeo also said that the Trump administration would be giving priority to the rights of the Tibetan people.

China cries foul as US appoints special coordinator for TibetThis is not the first instance of the United States appointing a special coordinator for Tibet. The United States has appointed special coordinator for Tibet, even in the past. But the US media have claimed that the appointment of Destro, against the background of the heightened US-China tension, is a warning for China. The media are pointing out that the Trump administration had appointed a special Chief Executive Officer, two years ago, for the cultural centre in Taiwan. Therefore, claims are being made that although Destro has been appointed as a coordinator, he will function like a special envoy.

Agitated by this, China has strongly criticised the United States. Zhao Lijiang, spokesman of Chinese foreign ministry, accused that the appointment of the special coordinator for Europe is an interference in the internal matters of China and an attempt to destabilise Tibet. China opposed this appointment and Lijiang said that Destro’s appointment will bever be approved by China. Thereafter, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman made a tragic effort to convince that Tibet is integrated with China and there is no human rights violation in Tibet.

Meanwhile, the United States and other leading countries criticised the appointment of China, who is responsible for human rights violations in Xinjiang, Hongkong, and Tibet, on the UN Human Rights Council. Lobsang Sangay, the President of the Tibetan government in exile, lashed out that the Chinese appointment on the UN Human Rights Council raises questions on the credibility of the United Nations. At this time, Sangay reminded that China is trampling the human rights of its citizens in Xinjiang, Hongkong, Inner Mongolia and other parts of China, along with Tibet. At the same time, Sangay warned that getting China to change, or China will change the world.

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