UK citizen arrested in German cyber attack case

Berlin/London: A British national has been arrested for last year’s cyber-attack case on Germany’s ‘Deutsche Telekom’. On Wednesday, British agencies arrested a 29-year-old British youth at Luton airport, inform sources. After the attack in November, the German chancellor Angela Merkel had accused Russia of being involved in the attack.


Germany’s leading telecommunication company, ‘Deutsche Telekom’ suffered major cyber-attacks last year towards the end of November. Nearly 10 lakh customers were affected by this attack. This attack had targeted ‘routers’ that are used to connect to the internet. After this attack, the German chancellor openly alleged that Russia was possibly behind this conspiracy. Russia had rebuffed all such allegations.

It is evident from the arrest made by Britain’s ‘National Crime Agency’ on Wednesday that the allegations made on Russia were baseless. The British officials have claimed that the youth arrested in Britain has also been involved in a cyber-attack in Britain. It is said that the British suspect was arrested based on the information provided by German agencies. Germany has requested the extradition of the suspect. If the individual is found guilty, he could face a minimum term of 10 years imprisonment.

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