Enquire into Chancellor Merkel’s refugee policies, demands ‘Alternatives for Germany’ party

Third World WarBerlin: The political parties in Germany have made an insistent demand that there should be an enquiry instituted to scrutinise Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies and their implementation, which have opened the doors to refugees from Gulf, Africa and Asia. Because of this open-door policy declared by Chancellor Merkel in 2015, there has been an influx of more than a million refugees and most of them are illegal intruders. Claiming that this illegal intrusion is a threat to German security, the political party ‘Alternative for Germany’ (AFD) has tabled a resolution for instituting a Parliamentary Committee, and the ‘Free Democrats’ party also has pledged its support to it.


angela merkel, germany, refugee policiesThere was large scale infiltration by refugees after German Chancellor, Angela Merkel announced the open-door policy. As per the reports by the German and the European agencies, these refugees consisted of a large proportion of extremists and IS supporters. A few months ago, BAMF, an agency working on the refugees issue, had prepared an internal enquiry report about these refugees. This report stated that the Bremen Branch of BAMF had allowed entry for 4500 refugees with complete disregard to legal provisions. It was observed that the BAMF officials had knowingly allowed the refugee infiltration. There is also a possibility that such incidences may have taken place in other branches too and through this, thousands of illegal migrants have infiltrated in Germany. Saying that this is dangerous for the safety and integrity of the country, the AFD leaders have taken an adamant stand that there must be a detailed enquiry about the methodology of implementation of the policy made by Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2015. The proposal for an enquiry of the agency responsible for the refugees, through a Parliamentary Committee has been submitted and it will be taken up for discussion in the Parliament on the 7th of June.

The proposal brought by AFD, considered to be an anti-refugee group, has also received support from the ‘Free Democrats’ party. The AFD leaders have predicted that the CSU party, a part of Merkel’s ruling coalition, will also support the proposal. It is claimed that if this happens, it will be a major blow to the refugee policies of Merkel.

Meanwhile, the discontent regarding the refugees and extremists is on a rise in Germany and the AFD party had organised forceful demonstrations in Berlin, last week. It is said that more than 5,000 people participated in the demonstrations.

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