Turkish tanks contingent ready for action in Syria

Third World War

Ankara: Following the United States announcement of withdrawing its troops from Syria, Turkey has deployed a contingent of tanks, artillery and military vehicles near the northern Syrian border. Also, the Turkish Defence Ministry announced that the Turkish military would enter Syria and initiate action, as soon as the US military begins the withdrawal. At the same time, Syria started to deploy additional military as well for the security of its northern regions.


The United States has clarified that it will be withdrawing the military within 60 to 100 days stating that the withdrawal process would soon commence in phases. To avoid any impact on the front formed by the western and the Arab countries, the United States has already announced that Turkey would be taking over the US command for Syria. Furthermore, Turkey clarified that the counter-terrorism action would continue following the US military withdrawal. Photographs and reports were received revealing massive Turkish military deployment in the northern Syrian border area for the last few days.

Syria has initiated deployment of its military in the Manjib and the other northern regions considering the possibility of a Turkish attack. Therefore, conflict is likely in north of Syria between the Turkish and Syria militaries.

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