Turkish security post destroyed in attack by Turkey-affiliated rebels

Third World WarDamascus: The Turkey-affiliated rebels are up in arms against Turkey itself. It is reported that these Turkey-affiliated rebels attacked a Turkish security post in Idlib. This is the second attack on the Turkish military by these rebels in the last four days.


A few weeks ago, Russia imposed a ceasefire to end the conflict in the Idlib province in northern Syria. It was being said that Russia was successful in this ceasefire. The Russian media claimed that Russia successfully foiled the Turkish plots in Idlib. Russian media and analysts had also claimed that the effects of the ceasefire would be visible in Syria in the next few days. The attacks against the Turkish soldiers are apparently the result of the ceasefire.

As reported by a Lebanese newspaper, a Turkish security post came under attack a few hours ago. The Turkey-affiliated rebels attacked a Turkish security post on the M-4 highway connecting Aleppo and Latakia, via Idlib. The security post was completely destroyed in the attack. The Turkish military has refused to comment regarding the attack. But the Lebanese newspaper has published a photo and a video of the attack. This is the second attack on Turkish soldiers in the last seven days.

A few days ago, Turkey-affiliated rebels had attacked a Turkish military base in Idlib. Two Turkish soldiers were killed in the attack. The rebels also destroyed the patrol vehicles standing nearby. It was exposed that the Turkey-affiliated rebels were responsible for the attack. It was published that Turkey has lost 60 soldiers in the Syrian conflict so far. Turkey, known for retaliating strongly after losing its soldiers, had refused to comment regarding the attack.

A few days ago, Turkey worked out a ceasefire with Russia, thus stopping the attacks in Idlib. But this ceasefire carried out by Turkey with Russia, a supporter of the Assad government, was not acceptable to the Turkey-affiliated rebels. The local media are claiming that therefore, these rebels are attacking the Turkish soldiers to express their anger. Syria had accused that there are IS and Al Qaeda linked terrorists among these Turkey-affiliated rebels.

Meanwhile, reports are being received that Turkey has initiated moves to deploy an air defence system in Idlib. These Turkish movements can amount to a violation of the ceasefire.

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