Turkish President Erdogan warns Syria of a dreadful retaliation

Third World WarAnkara: The Turkish President has threatened that ‘If Syria violates the ceasefire imposed by Russia in Idlib, it will have to pay it.’ The United States appealed to NATO a few hours ago to participate in the Syrian conflict. The Turkish President growing in confidence after this appeal by the United States seems to have threatened Syria.


Russia took an initiative to impose a ceasefire in the Idlib province. Russia claims that the ceasefire has been successful till now. But the Turkish President Recep Erdogan accused that a few of the Syrian-affiliated groups are violating the ceasefire in Idlib. Therefore, the Turkish President issued a fresh threat directed to the Assad regime.

Turkish President Erdogan warns Syria of a dreadful retaliationErdogan announced ‘A small attack in Idlib will be considered a violation of ceasefire and Turkey will retaliate. This Turkish retaliation will be dreadful.’ The Turkish President warned that Turkey could undertake any action for the security of its soldiers in Idlib.

The Syrian military and media had alleged that although a ceasefire has been imposed with the Russian initiative, Turkey will not let the ceasefire last for long. The Syrian government had said that Turkey would once again violate the ceasefire. The Erdogan threat is pointing in the same direction.

Meanwhile, a few hours ago, US Special Envoy for Syria James Jeffrey appealed to NATO regarding Syria. US Special Envoy Jeffrey suggested that NATO should enter the Syrian conflict to stop the violence there. Jeffrey demanded that NATO should immediately enter the Syrian conflict if the ceasefire is violated in Syria.

Four days ago, during a meeting with Turkey, NATO had refused to involve in the Syrian conflict. Therefore, it was being said that Turkey seemed to be isolated in the Syrian conflict. Now the Turkish President’s threat indicates that Turkey is enthused by the appeal made by the United States to NATO to involve in the Syrian conflict.

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